Registering Online to Vote - Introduction

You can access the OVR Introduction page to complete and submit an online voter registration form. Read the page in its entirety before beginning the registration process. If you need assistance, contact your County Voter Registration Office.

To register online to vote:

  1. If the OVR Introduction page is not already displayed, click on APPLY NOW button in the web page.
    Register to vote, it's easy to apply! popup window is displayed.
    Note: If you don't have the proper documents to complete the online registration form, click the click here for a paper voter registration form link to print a blank voter registration form. Follow the instructions on the form for completing and submitting the form.
  2. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Indiana Driver's License or Identification Card Number.
  3. Review the 'What you need to register' section comments (Terms of Use).
  4. Select the i accept the terms of use check box.
  5. Click the Begin New Registration button.
    The OVR Eligibility page is displayed.
    Tip: To close the OVR Introduction page without registering online, click the cancel button.
  6. Perform the steps for Registering Online to Vote - Eligibility.

In the table below are definitions for the fields and buttons on the OVR Introduction page.

Term Definition
Cancel button Cancels the online registration process, closes the OVR Introduction page, and displays the IndianaVoters Home page.
Begin New Registration button Closes the OVR Introduction page and displays the OVR Eligibility page.
I accept the Terms of Use check box If selected, indicates you have read the Terms of Use. If cleared, indicates you have not read the Terms of Use. This check box must be selected for you to continue to the next step in the registration process.
Scroll for more options.